Fotostudi is the only photography studio that offers you this option.

FotoTalk is an extra service consisting of a booth, where guests can talk freely about you, share funny stories, and so on, while directly addressing the camera in a confessional-style setting. The exclusive FotoTalk booth also allows guests to take snapshots of themselves and leave a copy for you in an album, creating a record of the wedding on the very day it takes place. Fotostudi will collect all the recordings and create a fun, original montage, where your friends and family are the protagonists; and you are the topic of conversation.

Only Fotostudi allows you to collect, in image and video, the personal memories of your wedding day in such an immediate and spontaneous way. It is an unrepeatable opportunity for your closest acquaintances to express themselves though photography or video, to wish you the best or to share their feelings about the big day. In addition, all the guests can take away a copy of the photos they take in the booth, and write a message in the album where their photos will be collected. You can take this album with you and review the day’s events as early as the wedding night… even though we at Fotostudi imagine you may find better ways to spend your time!


Basic Fee: 400€ + VAT

  • 2 hours service
  • Person in charge of photovidebooth
  • Costumes for the guests
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited Videos
  • USB with all the messages and photos of your guests
  • Private area in our website to view the photos (optional)
  • Displacement included in the metropolitan area of Barcelona (for destinations outside the area 0.30 €/km)


  • Extra hour: 50€
  • Album: 40€