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Each option has its advantages. With a pre-wedding or engagement session, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with your wedding photographer, and talk with him about how you would like to be photographed. Couples often say that it can be hard to become accustomed to the flash, and to being in front of the camera. During the pre-wedding session you can get used to being the center of attention before the big day.

Meanwhile, the Trash the Dress or post wedding session is an opportunity to have a more relaxed moment with your photographer. You will have more time then you get during your wedding day – which flies by – and the photographs can be incorporated into the wedding album. The post-wedding sessions captures scenes that are impossible to create on the day of the wedding.

For both the pre- and post-wedding or Save the Dress sessions, the possible scenes for the shoot are infinite, and you can choose the location: the beach, downtown, in the countryside, the place where you met… We also let you choose the format, since Fotostudi can record either with photography or video.

The cost of this service that usually lasts about 2 hours is 250€ and we deliver all the photos retouched high quality, more than100. If the session is done outside the metropolitan area of Barcelona there is an extra fee in concept of traveling expenses. You can view many examples here.