Do you need more ideas for your Wedding? Take a look at our suggestions!

Save the Date

We offer an alternative to traditional invitations, for those who don't want to spend a weekend stamping and addressing envelopes. A video invitation is an original way to invite your family and friends to your wedding. It is a short clip where you announce your wedding and give the dates and other relevant information about…

Photo Video Booth

Only Fotostudi allows you to collect, in image and video, the personal memories of your wedding day in such an immediate and spontaneous way.

Photo Invitation

An original way to create a save the date animated slide in photos where you describe your history and you give the necessary information to your guests so they know where and when the wedding will take place. Once we have all the pictures we create the slide show so you can surprise your guest.

Cinema Video

For cinema lovers, this is your option. During your wedding you'll have two video cameras recording all the big and small details of the event, in high definition. This will allow Fotostudi to create a video with cinematic effects, which are impossible to create with only one camera. The cost of this service is just…


If you know your guests are fun and spontaneous, we offer you the opportunity to give free rein to their imagination, and get fun photos as a result. Fotostudi provides a backdrop and a whole range of props and costumes that guests, and even the bride and groom, can don for the camera. We will…


Fotostudi presents a unique way to record your day and involve all your guests in the act. WeddingLip-Dub is designed for those who want an original and personalized memory from their wedding day. You pick a song, and the Fotostudi team prepares everything in order to create a fun, unique and personal montage using the…

Rent a POLAROID camera

It’s not the same to have a photo in paper that in digital format. We rent Polaroid cameras for your wedding day. The guests can use the photos to stick them into a signature album and leave a message. Price: 30€ (camera rental) + recharge (25€/20 photos).  

Wedding invitations

Tell us how you want your wedding invitations to be and we will design and print them, as many as you want for only 100 €. We have different materials and formats (A5, 10x20cm, 14x14cm, 10x40cm and 14x28cm). ! You only have to put them in an envelope and share them!

Trash the dress

Each option has its advantages. With a pre-wedding or engagement session, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with your wedding photographer, and talk with him about how you would like to be photographed. Couples often say that it can be hard to become accustomed to the flash, and to being in front of…